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Practical Golf Course Maintenance

Practical Golf Course Maintenance

Practical Golf Course Maintenance, Third Edition presents the latest information and techniques for providing first–rate upkeep and management operations for any golf course. This book′s, clear, step–by–step coverage, unencumbered by technical language, includes critical advice on maintaining consistent bunkers, sand top–dressing and aerifying, pesticide storage, and other emerging technologies, as well as mowing techniques for greens, fairways, and tees and much more!

This updated Third Edition offers reliable, state–of–the–art guidance and hundreds of helpful tips with:

Major revisions throughout to address the latest information on computer– operated irrigation systems, new equipment for all aspects of course maintenance, water quality and conservation issues, and managing people

A clear approach that avoids technical language and scientific citations while delivering practical advice that can be immediately applied on the course

Coverage of all aspects of course maintenance from tee to green, along with guidance on managing the course for the rules of the game and managing the business aspects of course management and maintenance

Practical Golf Course Maintenance, Third Edition is a valuable tool for golf course owners, architects, builders, golfers, golf professionals, club managers, and superintendents, as well as greens committee members, irrigation specialists, field managers, turf grass specialists, real estate developers, and landscape architects

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Practical Greenkeeping by Jim Arthur

Practical Greenkeeping by Jim Arthur

The first edition of ‘Practical Greenkeeping’ was produced in 1997 to fill a huge void in practical knowledge in a format that could be easily understood at all levels. Jim Arthur’s experience, advising more than 550 golf clubs in Britain and Europe and acting as consultant agronomist to the Championship Committee of the R&A, made him the ideal man for the job. His no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach conveys his message loudly and clearly. Golf courses can flourish by following traditional methods that are the most simple and most effective, both in terms of condition and cost. This second edition contains a large amount of new material in the form of appendices to chapters, bringing the debate right up to the minute in terms of new regulations on pesticides and fertilisers and restrictions on the use of water. Now, more than ever, the sound traditional advice in ‘Practical Greenkeeping’ is vital to all those involved in the preparation of golf courses.

New generations of student and trainee greenkeepers will find the content of this book invaluable and it will also stimulate much debate and provide encouragement for experienced course managers.

This book at this time is out of print and has to be bought used and tends to be expensive. If you work on a golf course then why not ask around if someone has this book and either ask to borrow it or ask if you could buy it from them. The book is available from Amazon on the link below:

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Sports Turf and Amenity Grasses: A Manual for Use and Identification

Sports Turf and Amenity Grasses: A Manual for Use and Identification

This is a comprehensive reference for anyone involved with the selection and maintenance of grasses for sport and recreation areas in both warm and cool climates. Keys, descriptions and photographs provide an easy means to indentify each species. Each grass is assessed on the positive and negative aspects of its use, and detailed information is provided on sowing, oversowing, stolonising, mowing heights and seedling vigour.  Advice is also provided on how well it combines with particular grasses. The description of each species includes a table rating the grass’s tolerance to high temperature, frost, drought, shade, wet soil, salinity, low soil fertility, wear and close mowing.

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Grasses: A Guide to Their Structure, Identification, Uses and Distribution.

Grasses: A Guide to Their Structure, Identification, Uses and Distribution

Provides a concise and informative descriptions of the structure of grasses and their flowers, with lists of grasses for various habitats, followed by a key to grasses in flower. It provides excellent scientific illustrations of the major grasses found in the UK and information on the preferred conditions for each grass.

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Plants and Habitats: An Introduction to Common Plants and Their Habitats in Britain and Ireland

Plants and Habitats: An Introduction to Common Plants and Their Habitats in Britain and Ireland

Plants and Habitats combines the species and habitat approaches to plants and vegetation. Most of it is an identification guide to 700 plant species selected as those which are common, conspicuous or useful ecological indicators; species which collectively make up most of the vegetation in Britain and Ireland.

There is also a separate Habitats section describing the flora, ecology and management of habitats. With this combination of approaches Plants and Habitats aims to help people understand our vegetation at all scales, from individual plants to whole landscapes. The structure and plain English writing style are designed to help with species identification by non-specialists. Plants and Habitats is illustrated throughout with colour photos and some line drawings.

For those working with habitat classifications, National Vegetation Classification (NVC) codes are incorporated throughout and there are summary tables cross-referencing various classifications. The book is written for a wide readership including those working or training in subjects connected with ecology, conservation, land management, and other environmental matters.

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The Environmental Stewardship Toolkit: How to Build, Implement and Maintain an Environmental Plan for Grounds and Golf Courses

The Environmental Stewardship Toolkit

A comprehensive, one–stop guide to environmental stewardship for golf courses and grounds.

This highly practical guide covers the full complement of tools green industry professionals need to create a successful environmental program on golf courses and grounds. Written by a leading golf course superintendent and grounds manager, The Environmental Stewardship Toolkit offers a comprehensive analysis of all relevant issues, including environmental management, resource management, community engagement, and document management.

The emphasis throughout is on the development of programs that are both sustainable and practical, combining the protection and renewal of environmental systems with a workable business plan. Regulatory issues as well as concerns of owners, customers, and the community at large are also addressed. Clear, pragmatic, up–to–the–minute coverage includes:

Numerous illustrations, photos, and customizable templates and checklists that readers can use in their own projects.

A system for sorting projects into green, greener, and greenest in order to tailor implementation for different budgets and project complexity

An in–depth look at site assessment, water quality and conservation, integrated pest management, and wildlife habitat management

Guidance for developing green public relations and communications skills to promote the project in the community

Field–tested procedures for building a state–of–the art documentation system for capturing, organizing, and disseminating information

A must–read for golf course managers, irrigation specialists, turfgrass specialists, and grounds managers, The Environmental Stewardship Toolkit is also useful for landscape architects and designers, grounds owners, developers, builders, contractors, and anyone wishing to be on the cutting edge of sustainability in the green industry.

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Sustainable Golf Courses: A Guide to Environmental Stewardship

Sustainable Golf Courses: A Guide to Environmental Stewardship

Sustainable Golf Courses is the most authoritative guidebook on environmental stewardship of planned and existing golf courses available, written by the leading expert and endorsed by the USGA. The book serves as a reference and guide for all who are involved in golf course design, development, and management, and integrates practical, scientifically–based siting, design, and management practices based on accepted principles for sustainability. You′ll find detailed case studies and environmental research from the USGA as well as a foreword by Arnold Palmer.

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British Trees: A photographic guide to every common species

British Trees: A photographic guide to every common species

Golf courses are an important environmental habitat for wildlife, insects, trees and wild flowers and a knowledge of native trees and plants is essential for the modern management of a golf course. Being able to identify and name trees you are planning to plant can help you discuss your plans with others including golf course designers and environmental consultants.

This easy-to-use guide covers the 360 species of tree that are found in Britain & Ireland. Each species is covered in detail with information on how to identify, whether from a leaf, twig, bark or whole tree, plus extra information on where the tree grows (including a map), how high they grow, what uses the tree is used for and its unique history.

Every species is also comprehensively illustrated with photographs of every useful feature – bark, leaf, seed, flower, twig and whole tree.

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